Please read the following warnings and thank you for ordering only those who can acknowledge it.


・当商品は未塗装、未組み立てのガレージキットです。 購入者様ご自身で組み立て、塗装を行っていただく商品となります。
This product is unpainted , unassembled garage kit .


This product is made up of parts output by 3D printer. Like ordinary resin cast, parts can be scraped, putty heap, shape corrected by overheating, and painted.

本产品由3D打印机输出的部件组成。 像普通的树脂浇铸一样,零件可以刮,腻子堆,通过过热校正形状,并涂漆。

Pedestal is not attached .


Since we will enter production after receiving your order, we will receive your time for about a week before shipping.


・海外への発送にも対応いたします。発送方法はEMS(Express Mail Service)に対応可能地域のみとさせていただきます。
oversea shipping is available.Delivery method will be made only with the corresponding possible area to the EMS (Express Mail Service)





Alice in Luxury / Tweedledum and Tweedledee (未塗装未組み立てガレージキット)

  • You can choose from 3 sizes, 2 colors.

    S-size  全長110㎜ ¥2780

    M-size 全長 130㎜  ¥3780
    L-size 全長160㎜ ¥4780